Powerprobe 9700VTR Direct Push Drill

The newest drill of our fleet, the Powerprobe 9700VTR Direct Push Drill, is one of the largest and most powerful continuous sampling drills in the world. 

The Powerprobe 9700VTR utilizes AMS's new Dual Tube Sampling System, which is one of the most efficient direct push systems in the industry. And with the large diameter direct push tooling, the Powerprobe 9700VTR has the ability to install pre-packed monitoring wells with unmatched speed and accuracy.

If you have a high profile project that needs to be completed on schedule and under budget, the Powerprobe 9700VTR could be the solution to your problem. Unlike some of the other direct push rigs out there, the Powerprobe 9700VTR also features an auger attachment with over 5,000 ft-lbs of torque, in case shallow large diameter monitoring wells are required.

If you would like EGS to provide a cost proposal for your next project, please email Office@EGS-US.com, and one of our employees will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Powerprobe 9700VTR Direct Push DrillPowerprobe 9700VTR Direct Push DrillPowerprobe 9700VTR Direct Push Drill


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