Construction Materials Testing (CMT) Services

EGS has a highly experienced and qualified Construction Materials Testing (CMT) department which performs a wide range of field and laboratory testing services for both Aviation and Roadway Infrastructure Projects.  Our CMT Department has grown over the years and has performed Quality Assurance (QA) testing on multiple large scale aviation projects which were constructed using Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) specifications.  Additionally, EGS has provided Verification Testing (VT) for roadway projects constructed using Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) specifications.  All EGS field technicians are held to the highest standards and are fully certified to perform testing on all materials associated with earthworks construction, concrete placement, plant asphalt production, and asphalt paving operations. EGS is highly experienced with the extensive testing and reporting requirements associated with Asphalt Marshall Mix Production (P-401) for Aviation Projects. 

Field Density Testing at Tallahassee Regional Airport for Runway Extension